A lovable villain, mostly. Nonsensical at times. Former full-time journalist, now a mild-mannered reporter, occasional talking head and entertainment blogger, often mistaken for a musketeer.
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Heat playing Cavs for the first time since the Big 3 split.

A reminder that 3 colors is all I know.

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Deal with it.
Thank you, This Bear, That Forest.

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My heroes.

Note to self: never say your internal monologue again. 

… especially when talking about black metal. 

Seriously. I never thought I’d say something about cumming in a pig’s mouth on live radio.

"All I wanted was them Jordans with the blue suede in ‘em." 

Turns out, Vince Staples is a man after my own heart. 

I made things weird over at Moustached Gamers.

Too much Sonic The Hedgehog porno.

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I unfortunately tell you what I find attractive, what car I drive, how I hate being called “Alt.”, lament not buying a Boxee Box for its novel shape, and mention MMA at some point as I hang out and talk to Bec Rawlings along with Cody Gibson. 

ps, Yeah, I blew it on my last question, pretty hard; I’ll be kicking myself in the ego about that one for some time. 


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Sherdog let me talk about UFC: Hunt vs. Nelson.

When will they learn? 

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Deadpool was finally green lit. Ryan Reynolds gets to redeem himself as the perfect casting choice for ‘The Merc With A Mouth’, sans directorial fuckery.

Score one for the internet and Cartesian Skepticism.