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I took the hit and bought this Varvatos jacket, which I’ve wanted for over a year.

If you ever hear me complain about money again, you have license to punch me in the face.

This is about as last minute as it gets on the Sherdog Radio Network.

While driving home, my homie and host-extraordinaire Jack Encarnacao got at me, two panelists had gone by the wayside. I’ve  built a reputation as The SRN’s Mr. Johnny-on-The-Spot, so naturally, I helped fill one of the slots on a 15-minute notice. The rest is “business as usual”. 

Fun Fact: I’ve been on every panel for an event featuring Nikita Krylov (aka Thrillov), Jack and I even gab about it for a moment.

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This has been happening far too often; I blame Hearthstone for reinvigorating my interest in Magic: The Gathering. I crafted a Forest/Islands deck, very much inspired by my Ramp Druid deck (modeled after Gaara’s).

The mission statement is clear: “Draw MORE cards & add MORE mana in every turn”. It worked too well in this particular game, as I way ahead of everyone. In turn, they ganged up on me, started the #FuckJesse2014 movement, and decided I needed to be dealt with. Even then, they couldn’t knock me out first, because I’m a hard man… or something.

You won’t be seeing me in local tournaments anytime soon; most of my cards are from the turn of the century, thus illegal as a result. 

Speaking of Hearthstone, sales are slipping in what I’ve already declared my Game of The Year; however, Curse of Naxxramas is coming out soon, that could potentially be a nice shot in the arm. This would be fine, if I had saved up gold and not gone dust-crazy to craft some Legendaries. I see myself spending actual money in the first week of its release. Yes, I already hate myself for it. 

I did manage to make a day at the Con, despite all the work, travel, and general nonsense my weekend consisted of.

Thus, my favorite moment and my favorite purchase (see above).

Panel 1: The boyhood dream came true, I met “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. Pretty unremarkable, but extra points for the Wolfpac sign.

Panel 2: Bought black and white Joker from “Batman: Death in The Family”. I especially love how closely he resembles a splicer.

I know this is uncharacteristically late of me, but I haven’t been near a computer since this edition of the Sherdog Radio Network Roundtable was recorded. 

I’ll spare you the details of time spent in cars, frantically looking at things, being a somnambulant, and generally running around with my head cut off.

I will say this, if you feel like retroactively going back and seeing how right  or wrong I was about this weekend’s events, this is for you.

*it’s 3 fucking hours long, not for the meek.*

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For reasons I can’t disclose, this is my favorite photoshop project yet. 

"I FEEL ICKY! :hehe:"

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Before Gamboa goes at it with Terence Crawford on June 28, watch promoter 50 Cent on Sherdog.com as he spits shit, slick shit, so quick you might miss it.

It just dawned on me that I haven’t been doing any of my “Mood”/song posts. 

Lately, I’m really enjoying this Honeyblood cut. I’m actually waiting for the Scottish band’s album with bated breath.

I want to promise to get more in-depth with my media consumption. It’s a matter of time being a luxury I’m rarely afforded. Between my various working positions, hobbies, and personal life, I’m almost constantly screwed and chopped. 

I have to work on this, because it’s my fucking job.  

A part of my Gamboa interview is up. 

I shot all the stock, too. I can do anything (albeit with only a modicum of competence).

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Today saw me interview 50 Cent and Yuriorkis Gamboa, ahead of the latter’s bout with Terence Crawford on June 26. 

My photographer is out of town and I’m currently awaiting my video interview with “Ciclon” from another; but whilst checking out the stock video I shot for cuts, I found this hilarious still. 


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This is what it’s like to date me (The sardonicism and regret, not the “stuffing”).

It would appear that part of my interview with WBC Middleweight Champion Sergio Martinez has been up on Sherdog for a few days, yet I had failed to notice as I would have been traveling at the time.

This comes as a bit of a pleasant surprise, as the interview, itself, was anything but smooth sailing for a myriad of reasons, none of which I care to think about. This particular experience put a damper on said day, as well as the next, by proxy.

Rather unsurprisingly, however, upon review, I was much harder on myself than was merited. Classic Jesse.

PS, for the first time in years, I make a visible appearance at 2:09 of this video. You can see the unkempt inception of my current beard as well as my devilock struggling to stay slicked-back, as no amount of pomade can match Miami’s summer temperatures, much less in an un-airconditioned boxing gym.

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