A lovable villain, mostly. Nonsensical at times. Former full-time journalist, now a mild-mannered reporter, occasional talking head and entertainment blogger, often mistaken for a musketeer.

"All I wanted was them Jordans with the blue suede in ‘em." 

Turns out, Vince Staples is a man after my own heart. 

I made things weird over at Moustached Gamers.

Too much Sonic The Hedgehog porno.

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I unfortunately tell you what I find attractive, what car I drive, how I hate being called “Alt.”, lament not buying a Boxee Box for its novel shape, and mention MMA at some point as I hang out and talk to Bec Rawlings along with Cody Gibson. 

ps, Yeah, I blew it on my last question, pretty hard; I’ll be kicking myself in the ego about that one for some time. 


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Sherdog let me talk about UFC: Hunt vs. Nelson.

When will they learn? 

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Deadpool was finally green lit. Ryan Reynolds gets to redeem himself as the perfect casting choice for ‘The Merc With A Mouth’, sans directorial fuckery.

Score one for the internet and Cartesian Skepticism.  

Cloud Nothings has yet to be usurped as my Band of The Year. 

Looks like the only real contention coming their way is Run The Jewels, possibly Dear Boy.

Their set at Pitchfork Fest included every one of my favorite songs on their last two albums; watch it, or else there will be consequences of some sort.


This was legitimately favorite radio appearance. Ever.

Bought all of these from a friend. I’ve seen that Avengers run for $170, this copy is nowhere near graded, though.

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Two fight cards happened last night; one bullshit stunt threw shade on all of it. 

Fuck composure. 

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