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Sherdog put a certain someone back in the co-host chair for Beatdown After The Bell: UFC on Fox 11.

My thoughts, analysis. Insight, hilarity, all that jazz. 

I’ve noticed that every time I do one of these it ends with TJ Desantis and I talking shit about music.

Another day, another UFC Roundtable, another display of poor moral fibre on a pre-tape. 

Care this much. 

- Marc Maron - This Has To Be Funny

You see, most days, you know, I will be hating everything at ten. You’re on ten here, all the way up, all the way up, all the way up, you’re on ten on hating everything. Where can you go from there? Where?

Nowhere. Exactly. What  I do is, if I need that extra push over the cliff, you know what I do? Put it up to eleven. 

Eleven. Exactly. One more by listening to “Cut Your Ribbon” by Sparta.


This goes to eleven.

Day off.

Bed head, Shredded Doctor Who tee, the jeans I slept in. 

Veronica hates the way I dress.

Veronica says my hair’s a fucking mess. 

…Veronica hates me.


New How To Dress Well, less lo-fi, more sex. 



Cloud Nothings released Here and Nowhere Else, earlier this week. Considering the introduction most fans had to the Cleveland-based band was the 2011 track “Understand At All”, it’s interesting to see how far the band has come in the past three years. 

While the poppy indie/punk sounds from the olden days can still be heard on a handful of tracks, there seems to be bit of a brooding aura to much of  Here and Nowhere Else. At some points, it seems as though Dylan Baldi and company are drawing inspiration from the likes of Lync and occasionally You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead.

The 8-minute post-punk epic “Pattern Walks”, the album’s penultimate track, puts the band’s newer sound into perspective quite well. For this reason, it will ruin your life. 

I’m not a bro.

Morning sound.

1 k 0

My future.

I’m really fucking literal.