A lovable villain, mostly. Nonsensical at times. Former full-time journalist, now a mild-mannered reporter, occasional talking head and entertainment blogger, often mistaken for a musketeer.


This was legitimately favorite radio appearance. Ever.


Bought all of these from a friend. I’ve seen that Avengers run for $170, this copy is nowhere near graded, though.

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Two fight cards happened last night; one bullshit stunt threw shade on all of it. 

Fuck composure. 

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Poochie Mane is totally in your face.

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This was given to me because “the zebra reminds me of you.”

Look at me, back in the co-host chair on a Beatdown!

It’s been a while. 

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I was late due to that thing I do where people pay me to watch guys hit each other.

Dear Boy is back and it’s everything I loved the first time, along with some new tricks. 

I got paid to watch a lot of MMA and talk about it.

It was exhausting.